Special Data Dissemination Standard

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Last update: Jul 07, 2021

Contact person(s)

Cincia Lau

Department of Statistics, DGBAS, Executive Yuan,

No.2, Guangjhou St., Taipei City, Taiwan 10065, R.O.C.

Phone: 886-2-2380-3431

Fax: 886-2-2380-3532

Internet e-mail: cincia@dgbas.gov.tw

SDDS Data Category Coverage (meets SDDS ) Periodicity Timeliness Comments
(Flexibility Options, etc)
SDDSR.O.C. (Taiwan)SDDSR.O.C. (Taiwan)
Real Sector(specifications)
National accounts Yes Q Q 1Q NLT 2M  
Production Index Yes M M 6W (1M encouraged) 21-24D  
Labor market: Employment Yes Q M 1Q 22D  
Labor market: Unemployment Yes Q M 1Q 22D  
Labor market: Wages/Earnings Yes Q M 1Q 52D  
Price indices: Consumer prices Yes M M 1M 35D  
Price indices: Producer prices Yes M M 1M 35D  
Fiscal Sector(specifications)
General government or public sector operations Yes A M 2Q 1.5M  
Central government operations Yes M M 1M 1.5M  
Central government debt Yes Q M 1Q 1.5M  
Financial Sector(specifications)
Depository corporations survey Yes M M 1M 24D  
Central bank survey Yes M (W recommended) M 2W (1W encouraged) 11D  
Interest rates (end of the month) Yes D M 1 24D  
External Sector(specifications)
Balance of payments Yes Q Q 1Q 50D  
International reserves Yes M M 1M (1W encouraged) 5D  
Merchandise trade Yes M M 8W (4-6W encouraged) 7D  
International investment position Yes A(Q recommended) A 3Q (1Q encouraged) 5.5M  
External debt   Q   1Q    
Exchange rates Yes D D 1 1D  
Socio-demographic Data(specifications)
Population Yes A M ... 15D  

Periodicity and timeliness: (D) daily; (W) weekly or with a lag of ## week(s) from the reference date; (WD) working days, or business days; (M) monthly or with a lag of ## month(s); (NLT) not later than; (Q) quarterly or with a lag of ## quarter(s); (A) annually; (SA) semiannual; and (...) not applicable.

1Given that the data are broadly disseminated by private means, the timeliness with which official data are disseminated is not time critical.