Special Data Dissemination Standard

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Contact person(s)

Cincia Lau

Department of Statistics, DGBAS, Executive Yuan,

No.2, Guangjhou St., Taipei City, Taiwan 10065, R.O.C.

Phone: 886-2-2380-3431

Fax: 886-2-2380-3532

Internet e-mail: cincia@dgbas.gov.tw

Data Category (and, if different, national descriptor) Notes ** Release *
Real Sector(specifications)
National accounts  
Production Index  
Labor market: Employment  
Labor market: Unemployment  
Labor market: Wages/Earnings  
Price indices: Consumer prices  
Price indices: Producer prices  
Fiscal Sector(specifications)
General government or public sector operations  
Central government operations  
Central government debt  
Financial Sector(specifications)
Depository corporations survey  
Central bank survey  
Interest rates (end of the month) Note
External Sector(specifications)
Balance of payments  
International reserves  
Merchandise trade  
International investment position          
External debt Note
Exchange rates  
Socio-demographic Data(specifications)
Foot notes
Interest rates

Notes: Daily data are disseminated daily.

External debt

Notes:Not available.

*Release dates can be specified as a specific date, a range of dates,or a no-later-than (NLT) date. The period (or date) to which data to be released relate is shown in parentheses.

** Calendar flexibility indicates that the subscriber is availing itself of a calendar flexibility option.

Release date note indicates that there is a footnote related to the release dates of the data category.

Timeliness, Periodicity: indicates that there is a footnote related to flexibility options taken for the data category.