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Dissemination Formats

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The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics

5.1.1 Statistical presentation

  • The Wholesale Price Indices (WPI) comprise the Domestic Wholesale  Price  Index (DWPI), Import Price Index (IPI) and Export Price Index (EPI).  The Wholesale Price Indices is weighted average of these three indices.  All are Laspeyres indices with a base year 2016=100.
  • The Wholesale Price Indices are to measure the average price movements in selling prices of materials, semi-finished and finished goods for Taiwan. The Wholesale Price Indices covers 1117 items: DWPI covers 548 items, IPI covers 288 items and EPI covers 281 items. The most of the prices are collected through a monthly mail survey or Internet Reporting System. The designated companies report the actual selling prices of selected commodities with the same specification (in principle, price after adjustment for rebate, tax, shipment, etc.) around the 20th of each month.
  • The weights of DWPI manufacturer are obtained from the Industrial Production Statistics, National Income Statistics and data provided by relative associations are referred in 2016. For non-manufacturers (Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Water Supply, etc.), the weights are referred to Year books of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Water Supply and Electricity. The weights of IPI and EPI are based on the customs-clearing values of import goods of 20 16 in Taiwan Area, including re-imports.  The values of import (export) items outside the sample being added proportionally to that of surveyed items similar in attributes and price trends.
  • The indices as a whole are normally re-based about five years and the weights are changed every 2-3 years.
  • Seasonally adjusted and unadjusted indices are provided.



4.1.1 Periodicity



4.1.2 Timeliness

Around the fifth working day (subject to postponement due to Chinese Lunar New Year or other consecutive public holidays) after the end of the reference month.

Access by the Public

Advance dissemination of release calendar

5.1.3 Advance release calendar

  • In principle, the press release is made around the fifth working day (subject to postponement due to Lunar New Year or other consecutive national holidays) after the end of the reference month. The date of the next release is announced in each news release.
  • A schedule of the precise release dates for the Calendar year is listed on the website:


Simultaneous release to all interested parties

5.1.4 Simultaneous release

  • Subject to embargo, no information is released prior to the official release.  The data are released to all interested parties at 4:00P.M. on the release day.

·         The reference data are also available on the website:

·         The e-book “Price Statistics Monthly” is made available immediately at the time of release, please see



Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including ...
Confidentiality of individual responses

0.1.1 Responsibility for collecting, processing, and disseminating statistics

  • All statistics collected, compiled and published by the DGBAS are governed by the Statistics Act and the Enforcement Rules.
  • The data on the price indices are disseminated by the DGBAS as a service to the public.


Identification of internal government access to data before release

1.2.2 Internal governmental access to statistics prior to release

The information published in the press release and advance copies of the WPI news release are provided to the President, the Premier, the Vice Premier and the Governor of Central Bank of the R.O.C before official release.

Identification of ministerial commentary on the occasion of statistical releases

1.2.3 Attribution of statistical products

No ministerial commentary is released with these data. Department of Statistics, DGBAS, Executive Yuan provides its own analytical commentary with these data releases.

Provision of information about revision and advance notice of major changes in methodology

4.3.1 Revision schedule

  • All seasonally adjusted and unadjusted WPIs are routinely subject to revision for up to 3 months after preliminary publication. Indices are revised to reflect late reports and corrections received from respondents. A final estimate will be issued in 3 months after initial publication. Besides, the seasonally adjusted monthly data for the previous 5 years are revised at the time of the release of the April WPI.
  • Major program changes are made on WPI re-basing every 2-3 years. As soon as the re-basing process is finished, the new results are announced in the upcoming February with data of January.



Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

5.2.1 Dissemination of documentation on concepts, scope, classifications, basis of recording, data sources, and statistical techniques

Detailed methodological document can be obtained on the website

Dissemination of  that support statistical cross-checks and provide assurance of reasonableness

4.2.1 Temporal consistency

  • The “Price Index” news release publishes a monthly analysis of price movements and summary tables on the WPI.
  • The e-book Price Statistics Monthly is made available immediately at the time of release.
  • The WPI is further broken down into (a) basic group; (b) indices by waygoing and by origins; (c) indices for domestic sales and domestic products by basic group; (d) indices for domestic sales by stage of processing;  (e) time series of  WPI.
  • The IPI is further broken down into (a) basic group; (b) Indices by usage; (c) time series of IPI.
  • The EPI is further broken down into (a) basic group; (b) Indices by usage; (c) time series of EPI.



























































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