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Data Category: National Wealth Statistics
Data Release Agencies: Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan
Data Item:Gross national wealth, net national wealth, non-financial assets, financial assets, assets per household and assets per capita, etc.

1.Data Compiling and Release Agencies:

   *Release Agency:Department of Census, Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan (DGBAS)
   *Data Compiling Agency:Survey Management Section, Department of Census, Executive Yuan (DGBAS)
   *Tel No.:886-2-23803588
   *Fax No.:886-2-23803599

2.Release Form

     *Press Conference or Briefing:YesNone


     *Press Release:YesNone

     *Statistic Tables:None

     *BooksNational wealth report


     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL1:

     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL2:None.

     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL3:None.

     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL4:None.

     *Floppy Disk:YesNone

3.the Data Scope, Periodicity and Timeliness

     *Coverage and Object:
Gross and net national wealth

     *Statistical Standard Time:End of year

     *Definition of Statistical Items:
(1)Gross national wealth refers to the sum of net non-financial assets (includes produced asset and non-produced asset) and net financial assets at the current replacement price. (2)Net national wealth equals to gross national wealth, whereof depreciation being deducted. (3)Produced assets include buildings and constructions, transport equipment, machinery equipment, household durable and semi-durable properties, intellectual property products and animals & plants, inventories, etc. (4)Non-produced assets include land and other assets. (5)Financial assets equals to domestic and foreign financial assets minus financial liabilities.

     *Statistical Unit:
Trillion, 100 million, 10 thousand, %

     *Statistical Classification:
Types of asset, year, sector and economic activity

     *Release Periodicity(the frequency of data compilation or producing, such as month, quarter, year, etc.):year

     *Timeliness (the interval between the end of statistical standard time and data release time): one year and four months

     *Major Change:None

4.Release Information

     *Announce Release Date in Advance:

     *Simultaneously Send Unit:¡F

5.Data Quality

     *Statistical Methodology and Source Data:
*Statistical Methodology and Source Data: Benchmark imputation is the main compiling method to estimate gross and net national wealth, and then assisted with other official files or survey data from CBC, Ministry of Finance, DGBAS and Motor Vehicles Offices.

     *the Mechanism to Ensure the Reliability and Accuracy:
Evaluate the reasonableness of the data with Industry and Service Census, national accounts and other relevant financial statistics.

6.Remarks and Advance Notice of Related Changes:

7.Other Announcements


     *Regulatory StatusYes No
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