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Data Category: Input - Output Statistics
Data Release Agencies: Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan
Data Item:Input-Output Table (Annual Table)

1.Data Compiling and Release Agencies:

   *Release Agency:Department of Statistics, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)
   *Data Compiling Agency:Industry Input-Output Accounts Section, Department of Statistics, Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS)
   *Tel No.:886-2-2380-3529
   *Fax No.:886-2-2380-3520

2.Release Form

     *Press Conference or Briefing:YesNone


     *Press Release:YesNone

     *Statistic Tables:None.



     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL1:

     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL2:None.

     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL3:None.

     *Online Press Releases, Table, Book or Database, URL4:None.

     *Floppy Disk:YesNone

3.the Data Scope, Periodicity and Timeliness

     *Coverage and Object:
The geographic coverage is the whole nationwide territory and the data coverage includes all sectors.

     *Statistical Standard Time:
The calendar year of the data year.

     *Definition of Statistical Items:
The Use table is valued at the purchasers prices.

     *Statistical Unit:NT$ million.

     *Statistical Classification:
The breakdown of economic activities is categorized according to the Standard Industrial Classification System of the Republic of China and the Classification of Industrial Products published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

     *Release Periodicity(the frequency of data compilation or producing, such as month, quarter, year, etc.):Annual.

     *Timeliness (the interval between the end of statistical standard time and data release time): 1 year.

     *Major Change:
For annual tables, we compile the Supply and Use tables (SUTs) and classify as 63 commodity-by-industry accounts since 2020.

4.Release Information

     *Announce Release Date in Advance:
Results are published on the end of December after the data year. There are no preliminary announcements. Upon completion, data will be posted on the Internet at

     *Simultaneously Send Unit:
DGBAS Website(, National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)(

5.Data Quality

     *Statistical Methodology and Source Data:
The data sources are mainly from survey statistics, government offices¡¦ annual reports, public enterprises¡¦and different levels of governments¡¦annual budgets and final accounts.

     *the Mechanism to Ensure the Reliability and Accuracy:
The SUTs display GDP that be estimated by production, income, and expenditure approaches. The preparation process and national income statistics are compared for their differences and the results.

6.Remarks and Advance Notice of Related Changes:

7.Other Announcements


     *Regulatory StatusYesNo
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